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OUTCOMIST is pleased to host the Creative Industries Mentorship Programme.

It is based on ‘Theory of Change’: define long-term outcomes, and then work backwards to identify necessary conditions that should be in place to realise the outcomes.



The Programme offers emerging leaders under the age of 35 (‘Mentees’) personal contact with senior industry leaders (‘Mentors’).  Structured mentorship discussions offer:

  • Opportunities to share insights related to professional progress.

  • Incentives to give back, share knowledge from personal experience.

  • Safe environments for mutual learning, consideration of issues from different perspectives.

  • Productive, personal, and content-rich networking.


While the Programme will accommodate Mentors and Mentees from all backgrounds, the Mentors will be drawn primarily from creative industries, including but not limited to:

  • Architecture and Urbanism

  • Advertising, Brand Development, and Marketing

  • Arts (Performing Arts, Visual Arts)

  • Design (Product Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design)

  • Digital Web and Software design

  • Media (Broadcasting, Production, Photography, Film and Video, Social Media)

  • Music, Performance, and Visual Arts

  • Museums, Libraries, and Galleries

  • Publishing and Journalism



The mentorship addresses a wide range of concerns that are relevant to individuals who are trying to progress through their careers in creative industries. They might seek perspective on their own professions.  They may appreciate cross-disciplinary insights - how business/client strategies of experienced professionals in parallel creative fields can be applied to their own challenges.


Discussions occur on one-to-one basis, or preferably as group discussions with other mentees drawn from different sectors (to give Mentees opportunities to consider how similar/different their issues are from others). Mentees are responsible for scheduling the meetings and determining the focus of each session.

The Programme assigns a Mentor for each participant. Mentorships groups form every year in September and run for 12 months each. There is a formal rotation every 12 months. The sessions occur once every 6-8 weeks, for up to 10 hours each annual cycle.


Mentors make themselves available on a pro-bono basis. There is an administrative charge of £80 per mentee/per year.

See list of current MENTORS here


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