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Extreme Lunch

My good friend Thomas Sevcik and I get together for lunch in London about once a month, when he is passing through on his way from Los Angeles, Hong Kong, or wherever. The conversation is always a gallop; no preliminaries, we just pick up where we last left off.

Recently, Thomas invited me for a meal in Zurich, but this time it was staged in public as part of an open event organised by the Urban Land Institute. Once again, the discussions zoomed off into some extreme territories including automated content, hyper-specialization, and para-sovereignty. Among other thing, we agreed that robotically-based uses are beginning to generate higher real-estate values than some traditional asset classes, although technology is also creating newly valuable forms of human interactions as well. Autonomous mobility will accelerate specialization of urban edge conditions. And representative democracy will evolve into forms of technocracy that value connectivity over territorial identity.

Thomas Sevcik and Christopher Choa - photo by Birgit Werner, Zurich Chair, ULI Switzerland


urban strategy, worldwide

economic development


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